Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I really dislike some peple's views
                                     on violence in video games

I'm going to bring up my opinions on this violent subject. People these days seem to point out everything negative in the world and blame it on video games, check out this for an example. But that's an excuse because throughout time, there have been so many violent popular forms of entertainment but those do not get blamed like video games have.
Let’s start off with books. Books can tell stories in a form of literature, and violent books couldn't affect your behavior right? Well if video games can bring up violence through an image protection why books can’t have a similar effect when reading a book that features violence?
Now let’s look at another form of entertainment that can be really similar, and that would be movies. Well some may argue that you control the character that is causing the violence to happen, that may be but here's what movies provide. It portrays real life violence sometimes, is that worse? Yes it can be for sure!
I don't think books need it but movies and video games has it, and that's rating systems. These ratings are to rate on what age groups this content is meant to appeal to, even though I never really cared for the ratings. That's the problem, nobody really cares for those ratings, but that's a good thing. We should have the right to watch or play anything as long as we have common sense.

Video games do not promote violence; just like any other form of entertainment it entertains us! We all should have enough common sense that none of us would dare to reenact the actions portrayed in movies or games.

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