Tuesday, May 8, 2012

                       Wii U thoughts

Ok there is this gaming convention coming up called Electronic Entertainment Expo or as most call it E3. I'm really looking forward to that expo because of one sole purpose, and that is to hear more about the console called the Wii U.

The Wii U is the new system but what do we know for sure? I'm not even sure the official stuff about it is official anymore. Even the name of the system is being rumored to change! That's messed up on how Nintendo hasn't revealed much information throughout a course of a year! Really nothing at all seems real and all we know is that at E3 2012, we will see the real thing (hopefully).

What I think will be revealed at E3, well I'm expecting a few things. I think the Wii U's power is going to be demonstrated. Also I think it's going to be the time for Nintendo to present the games for the system, not just the ports but the real deal made by Nintendo themselves! Last thing I think we will learn and see is that Nintendo will reveal a release date but that's it, no price.

But I like how Nintendo has made it so unpredictable other than that the Wii U will be back for another round of revealing this year. It's good that last year we get to see the Wii U in its early stages, but I would have liked more information back then. Now that is has been almost year since the announcement of the system, which here’s an article talking about this year's speculation here. I can’t wait for E3 2012!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

                    (Made the picture myself)

                       Are video games art?

Are video games art? Well I always thought video games are a form of art. Mainly because that video games start out being an idea. Then they have concept artist drawing the characters and worlds. So yeah, do I think I'm still having that same opinion? Well not really.

I seen this article right here, and it has brought a new opinion to form for me. This guy in that article did compare sports to art which I find oddly logical. He explained that sports carries out emotion and has a story behind the art, but is it considered art? No.

Which brings to my newly formed opinion? I think video games have some artistic values to it, but is it considered art to me now? No. It is something better.

Video games are an amazing immersive experience that we escape reality to fully enjoy such great adventures! Video games makes us feel successful even though in real life we may not be! Why should it be in the same level as a pretty picture? Exactly, video games are better than art, more than art. It’s an immersive experience!

So I’m ending this with the fact that this question is pretty much idiotic. The question “Is it art?” is a pretty messed up question. Anything that takes creativity or has an emotional impact on people can be some sort of art I think. It’s all about one’s perspective. What people like could be considered some form of art, but the “art” that people refer to is something like a famous painting. Like the Mona Lisa. Post some comments I want a discussion!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why I really dislike some peple's views
                                     on violence in video games

I'm going to bring up my opinions on this violent subject. People these days seem to point out everything negative in the world and blame it on video games, check out this for an example. But that's an excuse because throughout time, there have been so many violent popular forms of entertainment but those do not get blamed like video games have.
Let’s start off with books. Books can tell stories in a form of literature, and violent books couldn't affect your behavior right? Well if video games can bring up violence through an image protection why books can’t have a similar effect when reading a book that features violence?
Now let’s look at another form of entertainment that can be really similar, and that would be movies. Well some may argue that you control the character that is causing the violence to happen, that may be but here's what movies provide. It portrays real life violence sometimes, is that worse? Yes it can be for sure!
I don't think books need it but movies and video games has it, and that's rating systems. These ratings are to rate on what age groups this content is meant to appeal to, even though I never really cared for the ratings. That's the problem, nobody really cares for those ratings, but that's a good thing. We should have the right to watch or play anything as long as we have common sense.

Video games do not promote violence; just like any other form of entertainment it entertains us! We all should have enough common sense that none of us would dare to reenact the actions portrayed in movies or games.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My first thoughts of the latest Uncharted 3 multiplayer map pack!
  By:Ricky Bagley

(I made this photo on Photoshop)

I just recently downloaded the new Uncharted 3 map pack! I'm here to tell you what I think about the new maps, so yes this is a map breakdown!

First out of four is called "Graveyard." The map is simply a game changer because it adds an element to the multiplayer. That addition would be water! It's wonderful to have that extra strategic element in a multiplayer map, it makes so many possibilities. So that's all I’m going to say about my personal favorite map in the new map pack.

The second out of the four is called "Oasis." This map is visually impressive, it has a desert paradise feel to it and that's not bad at all! The map is really vertical, that's what Uncharted 3 multiplayer is all about that makes it different from many other shooters. But this map promotes being highly elevated to have more of an advantage which can be good and bad.

The third out of four is called "Old Quarters." It's my least favorable map; it looks great but just how other players play it kind of ruins its purpose. This map was meant to make players feel like there could be an enemy waiting in every corner you walk through, but that's bad. It promotes a strategy that a lot of players dislike and that's camping!

The last out of the four maps is called "London Streets." This map is the least visually attractive map out of the four but I love it! I like how it's set out to make it a difficult map to navigate through sometimes, but there are so much that you and your team can do.

I love this pack and I look forward to the next pack! These maps are impressive!

Monday, April 9, 2012

                                                     (Picture created by me.)

            Why I'm still not joining the Call of Duty bandwagon.

Many people know what Call of Duty is. Year after year people are talking about it and playing it! I have not owned a Call of Duty game since the first and why you ask? Well it's because I'm not a huge fan of Military shooters. We all have certain games that we like. The types of games I like are Mario, inFAMOUS, and Uncharted games to name a few. I only have played and enjoyed a couple of shooters and none of the few are Call of Duty. The series hasn't been innovating for the past few years which sooner or later the future games will feel stale and boring to the loyal fans that have bought it year after year. That's why I'm not getting it. I’m not saying that Call of Duty is a bad game at all; it’s actually pretty enjoyable to play and has one of the best mutiplayers out there today. I’m one of the minorities that doesn’t buy it, I’m fine with that. There’s so much more games that I rather play and owned before I ever consider on buying that game! This year it’s rumored that there will be a new Call of Duty coming out that is a sequel to Black Ops but the latest Call of Duty game released was MW3 (Modern Warfare 3).That’s my reasons on why I’m not joining the bandwagon. Let me know what you think about Call of Duty in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Y’s Summery

This is my blog and my name that you’ll refer to me is “Y”! I will give you some great opinion pieces and interesting things to read about all video game related stuff! So my next post will be about “why haven’t joined the Call of Duty Bandwagon yet?” So keep an eye out when it comes!